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Specialty Coffee: Managing Quality

Specialty Coffee: Managing Quality


This publication developed out of a scarcity of published information on how to produce fine, high quality coffee that creates an excellent cup. The more the authors searched for information on coffee quality, the more they realized that a superb cup of coffee depends on a complex of processes along the supply chain that allows little margin for error at any stage. Furthermore, as so often occurs when personal preferences and tastes are involved in defining quality, the process of producing magnificent coffees is as much an art as a science.

Consequently, as the book evolved, the authors tried to combine hard science with art and put it into a business context the result is a book with a wide range of styles.

“The authors have drawn on their long personal experience in quality coffee and their extensive network to create a resource book that covers the basic concepts of a quality market, how to manage crops for better tastes (genetics, agronomic practices, processing practices), how to structure value chains to improve relationships and incentives for quality management, and how to begin to address some of the upcoming challenges to quality coffee such as climate change.” -Don Seville, Co-Director of The Sustainable Food Lab

“The book has a solid scientific focus but will appeal to a broad readership. It is a compilation of 15 Chapters, each written by an eminent lead author and edited by an equally eminent team.” -Anthony Marsh, Coffee Consultant

“A few critical notes notwithstanding, this book is highly recommended to all stakeholders in the coffee industry as an authoritative and comprehensive source of information on several aspects of the product life cycle of coffee, the specialty arabica coffees from Meso America for the USA market in particular.” -Herbert A. M. van der Vossen, Plant breeding and Seed Consultant, Board Member of the Association for Science and Information in Coffee

This book is neither a blueprint nor a recipe for specialty coffee production. The intention is to provide information and ideas that stimulate and support creative thinking that can provide the basis for developing and adjusting the myriad processes and details of the specialty coffee supply chains that produce a multitude of coffees with distinctive traits from a diverse range of origins.