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Musty FlavorActiV

Musty FlavorActiV

  • Musty
  • Damp
  • Cellar
  • Cork taint / corked wine
  • Old books

Musty is a serious taint that can occur in all beverage types- primarily caused by introducing trichloroanisole (TCA) contamination via the following routes:

  • Poor storage of raw materials
  • Poor storage of finished product
  • Poor storage of packaging
  • Contamination of pipework
  • Contamination of transportation materials- such as wooden pallets, cardboard Musty flavours are imparted by moulds metabolising chlorophenols and then producing TCA. This is promoted by dark and damp areas- commonly cold storage facilities and cellars. It is not uncommon for refrigeration units to generate TCA if their timing or thermostat is operating incorrectly- creating condensation over extended periods.

TCA is such a problem due to two main reasons:

  • Very low sensory detection threshold
  • Easy migration through porous surfaces TCA can move through plastic, cardboard, waxed or other surfaces- easily contaminating many different ..