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The Basics of Cupping Coffee (Print Version)

The Basics of Cupping Coffee (Print Version)

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The Coffee Cupper’s Handbook and Basics of Cupping are undergoing a revision.  This is an outdated version, which is being clearanced out to make room for the new version. If you would like to be notified when the new edition becomes available, please email and we will add you to the notification list.

An essential companion to The Coffee Cuppers' Handbook, The Basics of Cupping Coffee offers readers a concise evaluation of the art of coffee cupping.

Back to basics

After reading The Coffee Cuppers' Handbook your head may be spinning with your newly acquired coffee cupping knowledge. Fear not. The Basics of Cupping Coffee serves as a condensed guide for all you need to know and remember about distinguishing the taste, aroma, and body that compose the unique flavor of each cup of coffee you encounter.

Excerpt from The Basics of Cupping Coffee:

Coffee cupping is a method of systematically evaluating the aroma and taste characteristics of a sample of coffee beans. A prescribed manner of brewing and a specific series of steps lead to a complete sensory evaluation of the coffee cupper's olfaction, gustation, and mouthfeel sensations. Because cupping is usually associated with some economic purpose, such as buying or blending of coffee, practitioners of the craft follow the procedures and techniques quite seriously.