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The Water Quality Handbook (Digital Version)

The Water Quality Handbook (Digital Version)


The Water Quality Handbook is an authoritative guide to ensuring that one of the biggest factors going into any cup of coffee, the water itself, is up to SCAA's Golden Cup standards.

More than "passably good"

The Water Quality Handbook is a publication aimed at guiding coffee brewers in the important, yet often overlooked, aspect of water quality control. Authors David Beeman, Paul Songer, and Ted Lingle give brewers a step by step, but not over technical, description of how to get your water to SCAA Golden Cup brewing quality - a standard of excellence. With this essential Water Quality Handbook you can make sure every cup is a Golden Cup.  

Excerpt from The Water Quality Handbook:

Given that a cup of coffee is made up of 98.5% of water, and typically 95% of the espresso beverage, it is important to understand that water is an essential variable - and the quality of this variable is even more important. Water used for brewing coffee must meet the high standards required for proper extraction of the flavors and aromas inherent in a Golden Cup, the Specialty Coffee Association of America's certification of high-quality, fresh brewed coffee.