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The Coffee Brewer's Handbook (Digital Version)

The Coffee Brewer's Handbook (Digital Version)


The Coffee Brewing Handbook is an essential tool to learning the best coffee brewing techniques. Drawing from successful past industry research standards, the handbook is a must have for those who wish to perfect their own brewing techniques.

An industry standard

In this 60 page handbook, author Ted R. Lingle takes brewers through the step by step process of creating a product worthy of the Golden Cup Award, a much sought after coffee industry accolade. Follow along as Lingle takes you through all the steps including grinding the beans, proper coffee brewing temperature, coffee filtration techniques, and analysis of your finished product. Lingle bases his instruction both on historical precedent as well as current industry practices. 

Excerpt from The Coffee Brewing Handbook:

Through the efforts of its Technical Standards Committee, the Specailty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) is attempting to rekindle the interest of trade members in brewing high-quality coffee beverages in the United States. The Coffee Brewing Handbook serves as the foundation of this work...