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The Basics of Brewing Coffee - Spanish (Digital Version)

The Basics of Brewing Coffee - Spanish (Digital Version)


An essential companion to The Coffee Brewing Handbook, The Basics of Brewing Coffee offers readers a concise evaluation and explanation of the art of brewing a cup of coffee worthy of the Golden Cup award. Surely a must have for those looking to improve their own brewing techniques or teach others the tools of the trade.

Keeping it simple

In the ever-evolving world of quality coffee brewing it is sometimes easy to get lost in complex terminology and techniques. The Basics of Brewing Coffee provides readers with comprehensive, clear, and concise instructions on how to brew a quality cup of coffee. Everything you need to know including coffee-to water ratio, brewing time, brewing equipment, drip filtration, and serving temperature is touched on by author, Ted R. Lingle in what he refers to as the Six Essential Elements of Good Brewing.

Excerpt from The Basics of Brewing Coffee:

Ultimately, the coffee beverage's quality depends on your ability to follow the steps outlined above. Even if you start with one of the world's finest coffees you may end up with a less-than-ideal beverage if, for example, you use an imappropriate brewing method or poor quality water. A successful transformation from beans to beverage requires understanding - and adhering to - these six essential elements of good brewing.