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A Field Guide Coffee Spanish for the Coffee Buyers by Andy Newbom & Andrew Russo

A Field Guide Coffee Spanish for the Coffee Buyers by Andy Newbom & Andrew Russo


Coffee Spanish for Coffee Buyers is a field guide for English speaking green coffee buyers and Spanish speaking coffee sellers. This book contains essential technical Spanish, plus advice needed by coffee buyers and roasters to communicate clearly.

Rather than a “Learn to speak Spanish book”, it is written for any coffee professional that wants to learn more about the language, lingo, slang and phrases we all use and confuse in the coffee business. Any coffee professional will learn a great deal and gain confidence.

The goal is to create improved relationships and communication between coffee professionals on both sides of the buyer/seller connection.


Coffee Spanish

Technical translations of crucial coffee words & phrases for all Latin American coffee producing regions. Each country has a dedicated Coffee Spanish to Coffee English word widget that provides simple and clear translations of coffee technical terms and slang.

Coffee Countries

Crucial in-country data to improve your coffee buying success and streamline the complex path from cherry to green and from origin to roasting plant. This field guide is designed to provide helpful communication and relationship assistance  to empower you through the veritable language morass to coffee negotiating bliss.

Coffee Knowledge

Subject matter experts in the field chime in with anecdotes and tips for a successful buying adventure. Relationship tips and business advice for working in each country to improve your experience when traveling and buying. Where a simple translation could not suffice, these knowledgeable contributors were able to provide insight into local dialects, traditions, and terminology unique to their culture and society.